Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies

Cute and adorable bunny avatars by Alchemy that are available at The Seasons Story. Each bunny comes with the egg basket, coat and bow tie for the males. You can also buy different coloured coats for the bunny's. They are also available for females as well. The Seasons Story Location: HappyMoodRead more

My Garden

Wilds of Organica has made these very cute and awesome frog avatar's for The Arcade Gacha Event with twelve awesome frogs to collect. From 8F8 comes this gorgeous and cute garden set called 'My Imaginary Garden*'. There are twenty-five items to collect and three rares that are the cute spiderma studio, trouble fence and butterfly hideout. The Arcade Gacha Event Slurl Node - Lotus Umbrella Kidd Grass Garden - Short Grass Flat Square *Promotional copiesRead more

Book Meme

I keep meaning to do Berry's meme's and I also keep forgetting to do them as well, but the new one I really wanted to do as I love reading and love books. Head on over to her blog for all the info and to see everyone else's responses: The Book Meme - Strawberry Singh Are you a bookworm? – Yes, yes and yes. I've been reading ever since I was a child and was always encouraged by my parents to read. I love books and all the worlds they contain ready to…Read more


These tinderling avatars by Cerridwen's Cauldron are just amazing and so cool. They come in different themes and are available at We Love Roleplay. I bought the Mushroom and Forest themed ones. We Love Roleplay Slurl Location: Trash@MIC ImaginariumRead more

The Arcade Gacha Event

Only nine days and counting till the next awesome round of The Arcade Gacha Event opens on March 1st. This months sponsors are Apple Fall, The Magazine & Style Kingdom and like all previous Arcade events I will be blogging all the awesome goodies that will be available during the month of March at the event.Read more

Powered by Steam

Tentacio has released these gorgeous steampunk designed wings* for the Final Fantasy Festival and are available in four different designs of black, delicate white, insect and map. Final Fantasy Festival Slurl Doll: Coco Doll Male Body Hair: Exile Magnetic (fawn) Horns: Remarkable Oblivion Cherubim Horns Longbow (available at FaMESHed) Pants: Coco Doll Male Cargo Pants (orange) *Promotional copiesRead more

Let Me Fly

Doll: Coco Doll Male Body Hair: Exile All Apologies Shirt: Coco Doll Male Open Shirt (black) Pants: Coco Doll Male Drawstring Pants (navy) Prop & Poses: Uncertain Smile Fly Away Set (available at The Surreal Complex)Read more


Fallen Gods has released an awesome new petite called 'Frost*' that is available for both males and females. Fallen Gods Slurl Hair: Wasabi Pills Dragon Petite Mesh Hair (crystal azure) *Promotional copyRead more