Villa Siena

Villa Siena

Barnesworth Anubis has released this gorgeous new home called Villa Siena* that is available at The Liaison Collaborative. It comes with a gorgeous separate courtyard which I've turned into a sunken garden. The Liaison Collaborative Slurl Studio Skye: Rocky Outcrops, Boulders Dysfunctional Designs: Little Mediterranean Cypress Trees, Rock Wall Fountain, Cattails 3D Trees: Beech Forest, Banyan Tree, Creeping Ivy, Mangroves Bazar: Toronto Living Room Set Trompe Loeil: Countryside Outdoor Wall Lamps, Industrial Chandelier, Valiano Bistro Table Set, Valiano String Lights, Dutchie: Green Flax, Schefflera Tall, Aglaonema Full, Lavender, Sansevieria, Aloe Vera, Red Agave,…Read more
Cortona Villa

Cortona Villa

Trompe Loeil has released this gorgeous and awesome new building called The Cortona Villa* for Collabor88. It's a gorgeous and stunning home and provides lots of space and rooms. All doors can be individually open and closed and all the candle lights can be individually turned off and on, or you can use the home control panel to do them all at once. Collabor88 Slurl Fanatik - Rocky Mountains What Next - Waterfront Dock, Waterfront Motor Boat, Flyaway Wall Art (Butterflies), Falling Wall Decor (Spring), Seasons Frames (tree) Studio Skye - Enchanted Paths,…Read more

Home Sweet Home

Tarte has released this gorgeous bungalow for The Home Show. Atelier Visconti has released this gorgeous garden table and chairs with cupcake stand and cupcakes called 'Sophie*'. Second Spaces has released these cool hutch cabinets* and are available in four different colours and hallway units called max mudroom* that are available in three different wood finishes.  Digs has released this lovely dining set called Briggs* and comes in either black or white. The Home Show 2014 Slurl 8f8 - Zodiacs Rabbit Mailbox, Bubbleblooms & Poppy Hearts (from a previous Arcade Gacha Event) Atelier…Read more

A Quiet Night In

More pictures here: A Quiet Night In Skin: Hermony Leon Tone 1 Hair: Raw House Flatliner (black 03) Hairbase: Jomo Etched Hair G Suit: Lapointe & Bastchild Modern Black Open Tuxedo Set (slate) Shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild Dress Show Buckle Loafer Dutchie - Library Bookcases, Maledom Chair v2, Side Table, Book with glasses, Red Agave, Aglaonema Tall Digs - Orson Fireplace Ispachi - Gazelle's Head Alouette - Autumn Hurricane Candleholders Apple Fall - Horse in the Wind, Fern Specimen, Unknown Specimen Fanatik - Era Kilim Rug 6 Trompe Loeil - Ashdon Fabric ScreenRead more

Surf All Day

For Collabor88 Floorplan* has released this gorgeous new desk and office chair. The desk is available in four different wood finishes of black, dark, light and white. The chairs are available in ten different colours and come with twenty PG and thirteen Adult animations. From Lark* I have this cool new entryway table set that is also available at Collabor88 and is available in five different colours. Collabor88 Slurl Consignment - Travellers Desk Pegg Board, Travellers Desk Rug, Travellers Desk Jubilees Travels, Travellers Desk Globe (available at The Arcade Gacha Event), Fossil Hunter…Read more

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle

Intrigue Co* has released a cool cubicle for Collabor88. There are also three different coloured shredders and a clock that you can set to different time zones. Collabor88 Slurl R(S)W - 5 Book Group, Thick Binder, Paper Airplane, Ruler Pencil Set, Paper Pad, Mug Gone Cold, Apple Fall - Air Notebook, Books, Chinese Box (group gift) MishMish - Mini UFO, Princess Donut, Mr Spoon Second Spaces - Geeky Penholder Loose Keys, Geeky Powerstrip with cords Beach Street - The Code Wall Art Aisling - Bric-a-brack Desk Paper Trash (available at The Arcade Gacha…Read more


The new round of The Liaison Collaborative that incorporates The Garden, Pose Pavilion and The Boutique has begun and has a brand new location. From Trompe Loeil I have this cool and gorgeous new home called Neoteric* and I love the roof, it also has a very cool waterfall that runs down the roof into a pool. The internal structure is very nice and all the windows can be individually tinted.  Atelier Visconti has also released a gorgeous furniture set for the event called Vincent* which includes sofa, carpet, two tables, lamp, vase…Read more

To Sleep and Dream

Art Dummy has released these gorgeous new beds for The Arcade Gacha Event. There are six common beds to collect and two rares one that has a star garland and the second bed as a pompom garland. The Arcade Gacha Event Slurl Apple Fall - Pearl End Table, Preserved Poppies, Books, Hydrangea Bunch, Sweet Dreams What Next - Farnham Rug Pilot - Bohn Crate Shelf (paper) Sway's - Star Shelf (white) Culprit - Eggy Brekkies Vespertine - Fauxidermy Deer Mix, Arctic Wall Lamps Nanuk the Bear & Elefantu the Elephant MudHoney - Benson…Read more