Cloud Warrior

I have two more fantastic items that are available at the Final Fantasy Festival. HopScotch has released this cool collection of five poses called Busted* and come with the sword as well. Ayashi has released this cool hair called Vincent that comes with a texture hud that gives you eight different hair colours to pick from and you can change the colour of the hairband to any colour that you want. Final Fantasy Festival Slurl Skin: Hermony Leon Tone 1 Outfit: Barerose Kabuki Shishi Trompe Loeil - Sky Island *Promotional copiesRead more

Happy Halloween Meme

Happy Halloween everyone and the gorgeous Strawberry Singh has a Halloween themed meme out for everyone to take part in: Halloween Meme Did you go trick or treating as a child? Yes I did as a child and loved dressing up in scary costumes. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself? I've seen some very cool zombie outfits and the amount of work people put into them is pretty amazing. What is your most vivid memory about Halloween? Trick or treating as a child and I've just loved…Read more

Call Forth

Flowey has released three awesome collections of poses and props for the new round of Collabor88. This first set is called Possessed* and comes with eight poses and extra candles if you want to place more around. Collabor88 Slurl Skin & Ears: De La Soul Beaux Ikon Smoke Hair: Underscore Burc Hair Realistic Goth Outfit: Barerose Night Heart Altar:  O.M.E.N Wizarding Table (available at The Wizarding Faire 2013) Candles & Implements: Consignment The Edinbure Manuscript (available at The Wizarding Faire 2013) House: Trompe Loeil Autumn Cottage (available at Collabor88)* *Promotional copiesRead more

Rise Up

Skin: Fruk Jeremy Shade 2 Hair: Exile Jackson (mystery) Horns: Remarkable Oblivion Baphomet Horns Infernal (available at the Body Modifications Expo) Eyes: Clemmm Hollow Mind Outfit: Barerose Black Arkhai Hands: CheerNo Hands M1 Feet: Ispachi Natural Men's Feet Poses: Poseology Demonica* *Promotional copiesRead more

The Bee

Skin: Fruk Jeremy Shade 2 Hair: Exile Tidal (beach) Eyes: Redgrave Prim Eyes Edward (resin gold) Outfit: Barerose Bee-lzeRead more

Wheels Spin

Skin: Nivaro Cunov Skin Cream Tone Hair: Taketomi Jirou (black 04) Hairbase: Jomo Etched Hair G Eyes: Redgrave Prim Eyes Edward (black) Beard: Entente Beard Deux Ears: Mandala Steking Ears Gloves: Fatewear Dexter (void) Necklace: Mandala Gyatei Necklace (vintage silver) Outfit: Barerose Tokko Fuku C2 Tree: Neurolab Inc Japanese Maple (cyan) Coloured Wheels: Zinnias Color Wheels (available at the Port City of Praven Fantasy Gacha Festival that opens today)* *Promotional copiesRead more

We All Fall Eventually

Skin: Tableau Vivant Vincent October Hair: Exile Vindicated Wings: Remarkable Oblivion Malificient Head Wings Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes (wet sand) Claw Marks: V Tattoo Big Claw Face Outift (including tintable tattoo): Barerose DergieRead more