The World is Stone

The World is Stone

Fallen Gods has released this cool set for Fantasy Faire called Lacrimosa* that includes the skin, kilt, eyes and Slink appliers for feet and hands. Fantasy Faire 2014 Slurl Hair: Exile Traveler Necklace: Eclectica Octopus Emerald Wings: Death Row Designs Mechanical Wings Moon Atelier Visconti - Gilded Gate, Arches, Pillars, Aurora Lights *Promotional copyRead more
It’s a War Between Heaven and Hell

It’s a War Between Heaven and Hell

NSFW Pictures here:¬† It's a War Between Heaven and Hell Carthalis: Skin: Vaya Con Dios Rafael Fire Hair: Entente Thibaut Hair (midnight) Facial Hair: Hermony Facial Hair Chin Curtain Horns: Remarkable Oblivion Baphomet Horns Infernal Harness: DPD Weapons Harness II Dark Wings: Death Row Designs Devine Wings Fallen Angel Tail: Medusa Neko Devil Tail Sword: Illusions Angelus Sword Studio Skye - Enchanted Forest Tia - Throne of Swords Starfire Point - Dancer's Triad Poses: Poseology Say Something (available at Pose Fair)* Oh Studio Fallen Dyer Maker¬† Couple Pose 03DM02 Del May Yin Yang,…Read more

In the Darkness

Skin: Hermony Leon Tone 1 Hair: Ronsem Mage Hair Horns: Death Row Designs Draconian Dark (available at Oh My Gacha) Eyes: Clemmm ReSnick Eyes Ears: Mandala Pierced Elf Ears Teeth: Illmatic The Perfect Teeth Wings: Sensations Demon Wings Hands: Death Row Designs Demon Hands Feet/Skin: Death Row Designs Creature Legs Eternal Darkness (available at Oh My Gacha)Read more

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a lovely and joyful time filled with love and peace with family, friends and loved ones. I shall see you all at the weekend as 2013 comes to a close. Avatar: Beetlebones Snowshoe Hare (snow) 11th Hour - Skate Shack (available at The Garden)* MishMish - Big Snowbles (winter) Silent Sparrow - Rudy Mesh Plush Deer Death Row Designs - Elfie & Rocko Grasp - Christmas Tree Green, Giftboxes (group gift) *Promotional copyRead more

All Suited

Lapointe & Bastchild* has released two new extra colour ranges in the gorgeous pinstripe suit's they released last month. The closed pinstripe suits come in either claret or slate colours. Both suits come with the texture hud allowing you to change the style of the pants and jacket. Then you can also change the colour of the waistcoat, tie and pocket handkerchief's. Gorgeous suits with lots of style and come in a nice large range of sizes. Lapointe & Bastchild Slurl Skin: Fruk Jeremy Shade 2 Hair: Colors 63 Dark Brown Beards: Sacred…Read more


Skin: Fruk Jeremy Shade 2 Hat & Hair: Wasabi Pills Magician Hair (royal) Buttons & Face Tattoo: Action Button Eyes & Face Paint Necklace: HoD The Crosary Chest Tattoo: Lazybum Love is Carved into my Chest Hands: Death Row Designs Demon Hands Pants: TonkTastic B52 Pants Boots: FLite Aviators CobaltRead more

Happy Halloween Meme

Happy Halloween everyone and the gorgeous Strawberry Singh has a Halloween themed meme out for everyone to take part in: Halloween Meme Did you go trick or treating as a child? Yes I did as a child and loved dressing up in scary costumes. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself? I've seen some very cool zombie outfits and the amount of work people put into them is pretty amazing. What is your most vivid memory about Halloween? Trick or treating as a child and I've just loved…Read more

Out Here

Ispachi has released this gorgeous new turtleneck and shirt set called Philip. The set comes with a texture changing hud that gives you 12 different sweater colours and 12 different shirt colours. Ispachi Slurl Hair: Colors 46 Ash Black Horns: Death Row Designs Horns and Chains (dark) Mask: ContraptioN The Cannibals (available at Horrorfest 2013) Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild S'Wear Moto Mens Pants Cotton Shoes: 2REal Holbrookz Poses by Velvet Ink Location: ChouchouRead more
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