Fallen Gods has released an awesome new petite called 'Frost*' that is available for both males and females. Fallen Gods Slurl Hair: Wasabi Pills Dragon Petite Mesh Hair (crystal azure) *Promotional copyRead more

Happy Halloween Meme

Happy Halloween everyone and the gorgeous Strawberry Singh has a Halloween themed meme out for everyone to take part in: Halloween Meme Did you go trick or treating as a child? Yes I did as a child and loved dressing up in scary costumes. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself? I've seen some very cool zombie outfits and the amount of work people put into them is pretty amazing. What is your most vivid memory about Halloween? Trick or treating as a child and I've just loved…Read more


Happy Birthday to the awesome and brilliant Fallen Gods that celebrates six years in Second Life. To celebrate six years they have released this awesome new set called Scarab* that includes the skin, eyes and clothing that can be won at the Fortune Teller at Fallen Gods and will be available till the 3rd November 2013. Fallen Gods Slurl Hair: Wasabi Pills Reptillia (storm) Location: Per Sekhmet *Promotional copyRead more

The Philosophy of Pleasure

Fallen Gods has updated there gorgeous 'Marquis*' furniture set. The furniture now comes with more texture options to pick from for the items and more animations included in the pieces. The furniture comes in both mature and adult versions. Fallen Gods Slurl There are more pictures here that are adult themed: The Philosophy of Pleasure Skin: Birth Thor (pale) Stubble Hair: Exile Hey Man Nice Shot Mask: Illusions Columbina Venetzia Hands: CheerNo Hands M8 Suit: Lapointe & Bastchild Classic Black Tuxedo Shoes: Miamai Miles Oxford Cap Toe (coal black) Feet: Ispachi Natural Men's…Read more

Gods of War

For We Love Roleplay, Fallen Gods has got these two very cool skins. The first one is called Thor* and I love the facial details with the beard and tattoo's, and the second one is called Tohil*. From Innoc* is this cool shoulder armour and comes both rigged and unrigged mesh so you can resize it yourself if the regular sizes don't fit you. We Love Roleplay Slurl Hair: Exile Vindicated (swiss) Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes (dusk) Axe: Lost Haven Gladiator's Great Axe Belt: Eclipse Development Belt from Gladiator Set (brown) *Promotional…Read more

Bathe Me

Fallen Gods has made these two awesome tattoo layers that are available at the World Goth Fair. The first one is called 'Bloodborn*' and is this gorgeous blood red layer and the second one is called 'Coalborn*' like black tar dripping down your body, both also come with matching eyes. World Goth Fair Slurl Skin: Clef de Peau Jules Tone 0 Horns: The Plastik Triz Horns (vali) & Renne Horns (duality) Hair: Taketomi Ryu (dippu dye 10) & Ryu (dippu dye 09) *Promotional copiesRead more

Light & Dark

From Fallen Gods for We Love Roleplay are these two awesome skins called 'Fur Beast War*' and 'Ghost Wrath*' We Love Roleplay Slurl Hair: Wasabi Pills Thor Hair (night shadow) & Magnus Hair (ethereal) Eyes: Clemmm The Whites Ears: Illusions Sprite Ears Necklace: Mandala Karma Necklace (sinjyuku red) & Karma Necklace (shepherd silver) *Promotional copiesRead more

Knight of the Sky

Barerose has made this gorgeous outfit for Fantasy Faire called 'Purple Lucifer Knight' and I love the combination of the purple and gold colours. Fantasy Faire 2013 Skin: Fallen Gods Draco Moonlight Serpent Scales (available at Fantasy Faire) Hair: Taketomi Gyp (karafuru 07) Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes (violet)Read more