Lord of the Dance

Skin: Hermony Leon Tone 3 Mask & Antlers: Illusions Eikthirnir Tattoo: Birth Temple of Nature Pants: Deco Tucked Fatigues (black) Boots: Happy Face Stomp Boots Fog Poses by Del May* *Promotional copiesRead more

Dream of Winter

Skin: The Skin Shop Prince 01 Eyes: The Skin Shop Reflect (slate) Beard: The Skin Shop Handsome (black) Hair: Exile Jackson (frost) Antlers: Illusions Dreamcatcher Rusa Antlers Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Pearl Necklace (black) Faun: Titanias Faun 2 Male WhiteRead more

I Bring The Rain

Mask & Wings: Illusions Corvus Mask & Wings (from the Corvus Suit Set) Antlers with Birds: Chrysalis Crow Tree Headpiece Coat & Shirt: Fatewear Coat Fergy (void) Gloves: Fatewear Gloves Dexter (void) Pants: Ispachi Executive Chinos Socks: Entente Striped Socks (charcoal & grey) Shoes: Iruco Formal Shoes (black) Poses by Del MayRead more

In Glory

Skin: Fruk Jeremy Shade 2 Hairbase: Jomo Etched Hair G Hair: Deco Sloppy Mohawk (wheat) Beard: Entente Beard Cinq Mask: Yasum Face Armour Silver (available at The 24) Top Armour: Yasum Army Trunk & Buckle Armour Pants/Boots Armour: The Forge Redemption Outfit Sword: Illusions Angelus Sword Poses: Focus Poses Warrior SetRead more

Play Time

Skin: Nivaro Crow Skin Cream Tone Eyes: Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes (royal) Tattoo & Hair: Tiki Tattoo Hatutu Piercings: Hebenon Vial Against the Storm (metal) Underwear: Lazybum Latex Thong (from the micro mesh body suit) Boots: Red Mint Army Boots (no 06) Bed: Trompe Loeil Canopy Bed Mahogany Satins Camera: End of Daze Vintage Camera 1 Rug: Zigana Mahavra Rug: Zigana Stripe Rug: Fanatik Home Rug 13 Pouf: Dutchie Leather Pouf (black) Candles: Dutchie Candles Mask: Neurolab Inc Gas Mask MX2 (black) Blindfold: Illusions Cloth Blindfold Lights: Botanical Hanging Capiz Lamps Build: Poetica…Read more

Totally Wicked

These wings I bought from Sensations are just awesome and love them, the hud comes with so many options to change the colour and texture of the membrane, bone and claws. You can also add ribbons, rings, and spikes to the claws and even chain the wings to each other. Touching the wings will bring up another member giving you options on how the wings are displayed. Skin: Clef de Peau Jules Tone 0 Hair: Entente Thibaut Hair (dark auburn) Horns: Illusions Snicker Horns Glasses: ContraptioN Driving Glasses (silver/dark lens) Wings: Sensations Demon…Read more

The Philosophy of Pleasure

Fallen Gods has updated there gorgeous 'Marquis*' furniture set. The furniture now comes with more texture options to pick from for the items and more animations included in the pieces. The furniture comes in both mature and adult versions. Fallen Gods Slurl There are more pictures here that are adult themed: The Philosophy of Pleasure Skin: Birth Thor (pale) Stubble Hair: Exile Hey Man Nice Shot Mask: Illusions Columbina Venetzia Hands: CheerNo Hands M8 Suit: Lapointe & Bastchild Classic Black Tuxedo Shoes: Miamai Miles Oxford Cap Toe (coal black) Feet: Ispachi Natural Men's…Read more

Light & Dark

From Fallen Gods for We Love Roleplay are these two awesome skins called 'Fur Beast War*' and 'Ghost Wrath*' We Love Roleplay Slurl Hair: Wasabi Pills Thor Hair (night shadow) & Magnus Hair (ethereal) Eyes: Clemmm The Whites Ears: Illusions Sprite Ears Necklace: Mandala Karma Necklace (sinjyuku red) & Karma Necklace (shepherd silver) *Promotional copiesRead more